They’re soon well over 3000.

They couldn’t count the cranes today, a big disturbance happened. Have no idea what but is usually people doing the disturbance. I can however tell You that by the sound of it the local nesting cranes have arrived and by the sound of it all of them have survived since last year. Lots of other … Continue reading They’re soon well over 3000.

Only 440 today.

The wonderful weather we’ve had lately has taken a brake but will return already tomorrow they say. Today started out chilly and nice but now the wind blows and the rain has started to fall. I don’t mind, especially if the rain removes that last snow that seems to refuse to give up even though … Continue reading Only 440 today.

550 here yesterday.

Today was a bit cloudy in the afternoon and slightly cooler too but still a really nice day. It started nasty cold though, -9C ( 15,8F). The ice on the car was oddly enough quite easy to remove so I wasn’t complaining too much 🙂 The sky was clear and it is almost bright when … Continue reading 550 here yesterday.

So nice weather.

Today has been very much like yesterday was. Warm, sunny and wind free. The same temperature as well and I have even had a window open for hours in the living room, so I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Well there was a while when I didn’t enjoy it at all to be honest but … Continue reading So nice weather.

I’ve seen two now.

I saw my two first cranes up in the air when I was driving home from work 🙂 They haven’t started to count them yet so I don’t think there are especially many here yet. I’m pretty sure though that with this weather we’ll soon have plenty more 🙂 It’s fun really but one never … Continue reading I’ve seen two now.