Photogarpher unknown.   Yesterday evening, just as I was on my way to bed I looked through the door window in my kitchen. I have a motion sensor attached to a light just above the door and just when I looked towards where Teodor now rests the lights turned on 🙂 My first thought was … Continue reading

Only 440 today.

The wonderful weather we’ve had lately has taken a brake but will return already tomorrow they say. Today started out chilly and nice but now the wind blows and the rain has started to fall. I don’t mind, especially if the rain removes that last snow that seems to refuse to give up even though … Continue reading Only 440 today.

550 here yesterday.

Today was a bit cloudy in the afternoon and slightly cooler too but still a really nice day. It started nasty cold though, -9C ( 15,8F). The ice on the car was oddly enough quite easy to remove so I wasn’t complaining too much 🙂 The sky was clear and it is almost bright when … Continue reading 550 here yesterday.

She’ll do it again.

Alma loves to jump and the longer the jump the better. Today when she was outside and I opened the door she ran towards me and jumped several meters (much the same in yards) away from the door. Unfortunately she slipped in the mud (previously known as the lawn) and then slid across the wooden … Continue reading She’ll do it again.

Quite a nice day.

The big weather site here, SMHI, tells me that we’ve had a cloudy weather almost all day here. I’m pretty sure it has been the opposite but hey what do I know about guessing the weather compared to educated people 🙂 🙂 🙂 To be honest, the morning was cloudy and a bit misty but … Continue reading Quite a nice day.