She never messes with the Queen.

Yesterday morning the wind was quite strong and made it feel rather chilly even though it was well over freezing point. My car was tossed here and there when I had to pass open fields but there weren’t many other cars around so I didn’t mind. I had worked around two hours when I noticed … Continue reading She never messes with the Queen.

Photogarpher unknown.   Yesterday evening, just as I was on my way to bed I looked through the door window in my kitchen. I have a motion sensor attached to a light just above the door and just when I looked towards where Teodor now rests the lights turned on 🙂 My first thought was … Continue reading

So nice weather.

Today has been very much like yesterday was. Warm, sunny and wind free. The same temperature as well and I have even had a window open for hours in the living room, so I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Well there was a while when I didn’t enjoy it at all to be honest but … Continue reading So nice weather.