Storms stand in line.

Β  Yesterday night I woke up of the roaring sound from a storm blowing through the trees in the forest. No wind ht my cottage though but I’m pretty sure my neighbors woke up from the wind hitting their cottage. I quite often than them for taking all storm wind with their cottageΒ  so that … Continue reading Storms stand in line.

Of course I missed it.

We’ve had a rather nice day here. Slightly chilly and some sunshine in the morning. Most of the day has been cloudy though and I haven’t noticed even the slightest wind. Besides walking with the dogs I’ve done very little. Watched some tv but mostly surfed the net. Instagram has been the most interesting today, … Continue reading Of course I missed it.

Warm and windy.

Nothing much has happened here since last time. It’s quite uneventful at work and the weather is much the same. Warmish with very strong winds and very little sunshine. Can’t complain about that to be honest πŸ™‚ I have however new work hours. Not especially much difference from before, I start the same time every … Continue reading Warm and windy.