I’ve run out of space again!

It did at least not get even colder this morning, it stayed at the same low temperature as it was yesterday. I really can’t understand how they can get it so wrong. At least I know they will get it wrong 🙂 🙂 It’s a bit fun at work because they actually believes that I … Continue reading I’ve run out of space again!

Bitterly cold nights.

I have an appointment with a physiotherapist next Thursday. I was lucky to get one so soon because they just had gotten a cancelletion. They have loads to do now when they’re trying to catch up after covid. Alma and Albin was a bit impossible yesterday when suddenly a four wheeler turned up so now … Continue reading Bitterly cold nights.

Photogarpher unknown.   Yesterday evening, just as I was on my way to bed I looked through the door window in my kitchen. I have a motion sensor attached to a light just above the door and just when I looked towards where Teodor now rests the lights turned on 🙂 My first thought was … Continue reading